Mr. Jones and Me (tryheron) wrote in bnclove,
Mr. Jones and Me

i try to look on the bright side

since ryan said to update here's what i've gathered about the bnc lately:

1. it's falling apart.
2. it's falling apart.
3. it's falling apart.

all in all i'd assume we've started to hate that place or we're all getting lives. since the latter is not possible, i'm sorry to say that the former is the only choice we're given. so sit back, relax and wait for the new hate wave (of aim) to kick in. then we can go on with our lives without the internet (as impossible as that may seen for some of you), without each other and without ever communicating besides the one random time we sign back onto aim to see if anyone else we can still stand has signed on too. except for the few of us who've met in person. those are the few, and i mean few, who will always keep in touch.

it was a good half a year, kids.
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